September 15, 2019 ~ Shabbat KI TABO. Maqam SIGAH.

אנכי דוד בן אהרון בן חסין חזק


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Saba 493 406 אערך מהלל נבי Written for the Berit Milah. Also for Parashat Balaq, because Pinehas is mentioned. Written by R' David Hassin of Morocco in the 18th century. Written about Eliyahu, who is the "Malach HaBerit" and is present in each Berit Milah. The song talks about the miracles of Eliyahu and events throughout his life. Also according to Zohar, Pinehas=Eliyahu. Yabess Manuscript J. Mosseri
Fule Yanani
1581 אערוך מהלל ניבי Maqam Hijaz