May 17, 2021 ~ Shabbat NASO. Maqam SABA.

אליהו חזק


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Saba 485 400 אל בידו "El Beyado Yado Yado," (SABA, page 400) translated as "God, with His hand, will redeem Israel his servant" is used to herald the month of Nisan, the month of redemption, and the Pesah festival. The acrostic of this song is "Eliahou Hazaq" (אליהו חזק); referring to Eliahou HaNabi, the one who will announce the redemption. The author of this song is most probably H Raphael Antebi Tabbush from Aleppo, Syria. The melody of this is from the Arabic song "Hai Kardo Kardo." Originally, there were two separate texts written for this melody; one entitled "Beyado" (not discussing the month of Nisan) and the other called "El Beyado." Eventually, the author merged the two songs into one; retaining the first stanza of the "Beyado" song (אהבתיך צור ידידי) and putting it into the holiday-oriented "El Beyado" song. This pizmon can be sung as PIZMON SEFER TORAH on the Shabbat prior to Rosh Hodesh Nisan, and the melody of this pizmon, as per H Isaac Cabasso, can be applied to Mimisrayim on Shabbat Hagadol. Hamaoui Manuscript Tabbush Manuscript Tabbush Manuscript G. Shrem 2
I Cabasso
Y Nahari
I Cabasso
1980 אליך אור עיני נשאתי את עיני Maqam Hoseni