ישראל בר משה בר לוי חזק


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Rahawi Nawah 440 363 יצא למלוך מבית סורים This pizmon (NAWA, page 363), is a retelling of the Joseph story (Genesis 39-41) in poetic form. This piece by H Israel Najara (1555-1625) has the acrostic: Israel Bar Moshe Bar Levi Hazaq. There are 16 stanzas in this poem and as a rule, the first three phrases of each stanza rhyme with the last phrase of the preceding stanza (AAAB- BBBC- CCCD etc). The last two stanzas of this poem indicate that the story of Joseph is a source of inspiration for our people; a people who experienced the hardships of poverty (אביון) and oppression (עבד) throughout the ages. The last stanza is the call for redemption of the nation and the hope that God will raise us just like He raised Joseph from the dust of poverty to the power of royalty. According to H Moshe Ashear, this song is traditionally applied for Semehim or Mimisrayim on Shabbat Vayesheb or as a Pizmon Sefer Torah for Shabbat Miqes. Abraham Sitehon Manuscript Mosseri-Kozli Manuscript G. Shrem
G. Shrem
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