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Eliahou Ozen

Index of Recordings

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Baqashot 59 67 אדון יחיד Menashe Sitehon Maqam Sigah Alludes to the Ten Sefirot that God used to create the world. Written by Menashe Sittehon (?-1876), in honor of Isaac Harari. Sigah. Aharon Rahamim Hares Baqashot Manuscript, 1917 Eliahou Ozen- Semehim
Rast 155d 132b חי אל נאדר Haim S Aboud Eliahou Ozen- Naqdishakh
167.05 Sample- Rast Maqam Rast Eliahou Ozen- Nishmat
Mahour 186 153 נעימה לי Moses Ashear Eli S Haddad. Ashear Manuscript Eliahou Ozen- Shavat
Mahour 191 156 בואי ברנה Moses Ashear Bo'ee BeRina is one of the most beautiful compositions authored by H Moshe Ashear (d. 1940). This pizmon was written for the groom, Seymour Charles Semah, in honor of his wedding to Sara Ashkenazie (daughter of Lulu and Aharon Ashkenazie). The content of the pizmon is written from the point of view of the Hatan talking to his new wife. Although the acrostic is Moshe- named after the author, the names Shaul, Sion, and Semah are alluded to in the first, second, and last stanzas, respectively. The melody of this pizmon is from the Arabic "Hawad Min Hina," sung by Egyptian singer Munira al-Mahdiya (1884-1965). Although this song is only listed in Maqam MAHOUR, Ashear made another melody to this pizmon in Maqam HIJAZ. It is the HIJAZ version that Ashear applied to Semehim on Shabbat Haye Sara in 1940. The pizmon relates to this Torah portion, because Isaac becomes a groom. Ashear Manuscript Eliahou Ozen- El Hahodaot
Nahwand 276 215 רעיוני יחיד Raphael Tabbush Hamaoui Manuscript Tabbush Manuscript Eliahou Ozen- Nishmat
Nahwand 299.001 237 אנא בחסדך Eliahou Ozen- Semehim
Saba 466 385 יומא טבא דרבנן Yeshaya Bar Misvah. Eliahou Ozen- El Hahodaot
Saba 511 427 רצני אהוב Ezra Dweck and Gabriel Shrem In honor of Hakham Baruch Ben-Haim when his son, Eli Ben Haim was born. Also, a song for the month of Nissan. Leaflet Photograph of H Barukh Ben Haim Eliahou Ozen- Qaddish
Awj-Oj 514 430 אל פקוד עמך Raphael Tabbush El Füad Habaq - Amal Hussein. Eliahou Ozen- Nishmat
Sigah 552.1 458 נגילה הללויה Asher Mizrahi Siman: Asher Hazaq. Lahan: Lah Yiglala. Eliahou Ozen- Shavat
2193 74 קדיש Maqam Baqashot Eliahou Ozen- Sigah
Eliahou Ozen- Hijaz
Eliahou Ozen- Rast
Eliahou Ozen- Ajam
2405 W26 ראו בנים Eliahou Ozen- Rast
4018 203l מה נאוו עלי ההרים רגלי Haim S Aboud Maqam Ajam Eliahou Ozen- Shavat
4086 N3 כי לה' המלוכה The pieces of prayers that are sung chanted in the different maqamat. Eliahou Ozen- Hoseni
4092 אברהם אבינו Maqam Hijaz Old Sephardic (Ladino) song. Eliahou Ozen- Shavat
שועת עניים
4093 עץ הרימון Maqam Hijaz Eliahou Ozen- Nishmat
4094 N4 נשמת Pillar #1 of Shaharit. Heavy musical style. Eliahou Ozen- Ajam
Eliahou Ozen- Saba
4095 N6 שועת עניים Light musical style. Eliahou Ozen- Saba
Eliahou Ozen- Nahwand
4096 N7 אל ההודאות Light musical style. Eliahou Ozen- Sigah
Eliahou Ozen- Hijaz
Eliahou Ozen- Nahwand
4097 N10 שמחים Light musical style. Cornerstone of the prayers. Typically used to announce upcoming holiday. Eliahou Ozen- Rast
Eliahou Ozen- Ajam
Eliahou Ozen- Saba
4098 N17 ממצרים Light musical style. Eliahou Ozen- Rast
Eliahou Ozen- Ajam