January 17, 2022 ~ Sh YITRO. M HOSENI.



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1551 אעיר רנני לך שוכן עליון Maqam Hijaz
Sigah 2684 אדון עולם ישועתי Melody of this song traditionally associated with Purim, although nothing in the song's text refers to holiday. Yabess Manuscript Shire Zimrah, Algiers, 1889 E Menaged- Purim- Nishmat
E Menaged- Purim- EH
G Shrem- Qaddish Purim 1
G Shrem- Qaddish Purim 2
I Cabasso- Qaddish
E Mishaniye- Qaddish
M Habusha- Qaddish
D Binker-Duek- Qaddish
D Binker-Duek - Pizmon