Obadia Yosef


H Obadia Yosef - מרן חכם עובדיה יוסף זצ''ל‎





Hakham Obadia (Abdullah) Yosef (24 September 1920 – 3 Heshvan / 7 October 2013), son of Yaaqob and Gorgia Yosef, born in Baghdad, later moving to Jerusalem, was the former Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv (1968-1973) and the State of Israel (1973-1983). A recognized Talmudic scholar and an expert authority on halakha, especially the "Shulhan Arukh," by Maran H Yosef Karo, H Obadia served as the spiritual leader of the Shas political party in the Israeli parliament as well as the spiritual leader of all Sephardic Jews worldwide. A student of H Ezra Attiah at Yeshivat Porat Yosef in Jerusalem, and a peer to H Barukh Ben Haim, H Ben Sion Abba Shaul, and H Sion Levy, H Obadia's genius and talent was evident by all who knew him from a very early age. He is the author of many Halakha responsa, such as "Hazon Obadia," "Yabia Omer," and his opinions (as compiled by his son H Yisshaq Yosef) are recorded in the famous "Yalkut Yosef" series.


His children are: Adina, Yaaqob (A"H), Malka, Abraham, Yafa, Yisshaq, Ribqa, Sarah, David, Leah, and Moshe.


In 2013, just a few weeks before his passing, his son, Yisshaq Yosef, got elected to the position of Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel.


Instrumental in "Restoring the Crown of Sephardic Judaism to its Former Glory," his impact was significant for uniting Sephardic Jews all around the world and will never be forgotten.


Below are some pizmonim and prayer recordings sung throughout his life:

Index of Recordings

Section Pizmon Page Song CommentaryRecordings Application
Petihot 79 97 יהיב חכמתא לחכימין Israel Najara Mosseri-Kozli Manuscript H Obadia Yosef- Nahwand
Petihot 81 98 ידידים לאל נבחרו Israel Najara Attiah Manuscript Attiah Manuscript H Obadia Yosef- Sigah
Petihot 86 100 יומם וליל Raphael Tabbush Petiha Hamaoui Manuscript H Obadia Yosef- Hijaz
Petihot 94 102 רועי ודודי מאד Raphael Tabbush Petiha Hamaoui Manuscript H Obadia Yosef
Rast 119 114 אל יבול עלי From the Arabic piece: "ElBolbol Gani Weqalli". H Obadia Yosef
Rast 155.04 132b חי אל נאדר Haim S Aboud H Obadia Yosef
Bayat 309 242 אני אגיד בקהל עם זו Arabic: Ahd El Ekhewwa. DOR in Maqam Bayat. H Obadia Yosef
Bayat 321 247 שא לזנוחך H Obadia Yosef
Bayat 379 299 אני לו אשיר Moses Ashear Continuation of previous song. Abdel Wahab song EL NIL NAGASHI. The section that Menaged is using is minute 2:40 through 4:20 of the Arabic song. In the pizmon it's from the 5th line on page 300 (Malkekh Yinhar) until the 12th line (El Ahoub Yahel Lah). Leaflet H Obadia Yosef
שועת עניים
Hoseni 420.01 342a אלי בא זמן Haim S Aboud H Obadia Yosef
Haqafot 629.5 545 אב גד הו R Obadia Yosef
2193 74 קדיש Maqam Baqashot H Obadia Yosef- Hijaz 1
H Obadia Yosef- Nahwand
H Obadia Yosef- Hijaz 3
H Obadia Yosef- Hijaz 2
Esther 3020 E1 מגילת אסתר Tiqun Esther Ch 1 Tiqun Esther Ch 2 Tiqun Esther Ch 3 Tiqun Esther Ch 4 Tiqun Esther Ch 5 Tiqun Esther Ch 6 Tiqun Esther Ch 7 Tiqun Esther Ch 8 Tiqun Esther Ch 9 Tiqun Esther Ch 10 H Obadia Yosef- Iraqi Sigah chant
4086 N3 כי לה' המלוכה H Obadia Yosef- Saba