June 24, 2024 ~ Sh SHELAH. Maqam HIJAZ.

Eli J Cabasso

אליהו יעקב כבאסו בן יחיה


Summary by his son, Jack E Cabasso

Eli Cabasso and his wife, Luna Shomer, met in Bradley Beach, NJ, on the beach in the summer of 1950. Luna had grown up in St. Louis, Missouri, where her father operated retail children’s wear and linen stores. They were engaged in winter 1951 and shortly there after Luna‘s father passed. They were married in July 1951 and immediately moved to St. Louis to operate Luna‘s father’s remaining two children’s wear stores. In 1981, they moved from St. Louis to West Long Branch, NJ, and lived there for 31 years. Eli worked in retail in New York City and made the long daily commute on the "SY bus." Eli learned how to read Torah and sing Pizmonim and Baqashot from his father, Jack Cabasso, who lived until 1972. On the weekends in NJ, Eli used those skills to read Torah. He prayed at the Synagogue of West Long Branch and then West Deal synagogue on Shabbats. He was very dedicated to this and made the long walk from West Long Branch to West Deal even in the rain and snow as he knew, the congregation was depending upon him.

Index of Recordings

Section Pizmon Page Song CommentaryRecordings Application
Qiddush קדוש 2 שלום עליכם A song to welcome the Shabbat. Eli Cabasso: Qiddush Friday Night
0.9 8 סדר הבקשות Eli Cabasso: various songs
2117 כי לה' המלוכה לימים הנוראים Eli Cabasso: pieces of prayers
2403 W23 קריאת שמע Sample of the Shema portion. Eli Cabasso
Esther 3020 E1 מגילת אסתר Tiqun Esther Ch 1 Tiqun Esther Ch 2 Tiqun Esther Ch 3 Tiqun Esther Ch 4 Tiqun Esther Ch 5 Tiqun Esther Ch 6 Tiqun Esther Ch 7 Tiqun Esther Ch 8 Tiqun Esther Ch 9 Tiqun Esther Ch 10 Eli Cabasso: Megillat Esther sample
Pentateuch 3498.5 P2 הוצאת ספר תורה Eli Cabasso: Ashre Ha'Am and blessings of the Torah
Pentateuch 3748 P260 פרשת בהר Behar (Leviticus 25:1-26:2). Eli Cabasso: BEHAR
Pentateuch 3756 P264 פרשת בחוקתי Behuqotai (Leviticus 26:3-27:34). Eli Cabasso: BEHUQOTAI
ברכות וקללות
Pentateuch 3788 P304 פרשת שלח Shelah (Numbers 13:1-15:41). The Spies. Shelah Lekha- Eli Cabasso
חטא המרגלים
Pentateuch 3900 P429 פרשת נצבים Nissabim (Deuteronomy 29:9-28). Moses' conclusion. Eli Cabasso- Full (including Vayelekh)
מסקנת משה
Haftarot 3985 P568 הפטרת וזאת הברכה Joshua 1:1–9. Simhat Torah. Aleppo Codex- Joshua 1 Eli Cabasso- Joshua Ch 1
ראש יהושע
4083.1 ברכות השחר Eli Cabasso: Blessings of Talet and Tefillin
4085.2 ויושע ה' ביום ההוא Exodus 14, 15. Eli Cabasso