May 28, 2024 ~ Sh BEHUQOTAI. Maqam NAHWAND.

Kourd - كرد


Maqam Kourd - This maqam does not appear in the Red Book, but appears in newer pizmonim books.

 Until recently, this maqam was not well-known. It has been said that a possible reason Maqam Kurd was not included in the pizmonim books is because the Kurdish people, to whom the maqam was named after, were associated with forms of witchcraft.

 Musically, Maqam Kurd starts with a Kurd tetrachord on the first note, and a Nahwand tetrachord on the 4th note (the dominant). The secondary ajnas are the Ajam trichord on the 3rd note, and another Ajam trichord on the 6th note. These are often used in modulation.

Index of Pizmonim

Section Pizmon Page Song CommentaryRecordings Application
Nahwand 299.18 237r אפתח פי בשירה ובזמרה David Abraham Haber Bar Misvah. October 7, 1993.
Bayat 391.02 318a חביבי Asher Mizrahi Siman: Asher. Lahan: Habibi Dah Habibi. E. Sayegh
Saul Nobeh Betesh
Moshe Dwek
720 356k עירך כוננה NLevy Recording
867 356e לגדלי נא הרם Recording
868 356g יה שובה חיש Recording
869 356h רועי הדור Yeshaya Shomer Recording
870 356i אשיר לכבודך YMizrachi Recording
871 356j יפה את ונעימה Asher Mizrahi Recording
872 356k אל ישעי בך NLevy Recording
873 356m אל אבי סלח לי חובי Haim S Aboud Recording
874 356n יה אל שוכן עליון David Riahi Recording
875 356n יה רבון בא זמן YMizrachi Recording
876 356o מה אדיר אביע Meir Mazouz Recording
877 356q אל בעניי הבט NLevy Melody: Inta Omri. Recording
878 356r אל חיש רחמה נא Asher Mizrahi Recording
879 356t תורת אמת נתן לנו Yosef Recording
2192 353c גיל ורון Raphael Yair Elnadav Bar Misvah of Miro Isaac Sutton. Composed by H Raphael Y Elnadav. R Elnadav
4028 356s שלום לבן דודי Shelomo Ibn Gabirol Recording
Moshe Dwek
Moshe Dwek - Qaddish
4029 356t אשורר שירה Rephael Baruch Toledano Recording
Moshe Dwek
4030 356v מלכי אשאל ממך Raphael Tabbush Siman: Maccabee. Recording