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Rahawi Nawah 448 370 מפי אל מפי אל Maqam Girkah The pizmon “Mipi El” (RAHAWI-NAWAH, page 370), or “From the Mouth of God,” is commonly used for the Haqafot of Simhat Torah. The author is unknown, and renditions of this song are found in 19th century Aleppo manuscripts. The theme of "Mipi El" is the greatness of the Torah, and praise is given to four subjects; (1) God (author of the Torah), (2) Moses "Ben Amram" (who received the Torah), (3) the Torah itself, and (4) the nation of Israel (who receives the Torah from Moses). The song uses the Hebrew alphabet to provide adjectives for the four subjects above. In one version of the song, the long version, there are four adjectives of each letter to provide praise for the four subjects above (for a total of 22 stanzas). In the short version, however, there is only one adjective per letter (for a total of 6 stanzas). The use of the word “Ein” (translated as: 'there is none') in the song is based on the verse from the Prayer of Hanna in 1 Samuel 2:2 which says “Ein Qadosh KaHashem, Ki Ein Biltekha, v’Ein Sur Kelohenu.” In addition to Simhat Torah, the melody of this song is also used in association with Shabbat Vayesse due to the words “Yebarekh Et Yisrael” (He will bless Israel). Hamaoui Manuscript Attiah Manuscript Yabess Manuscript A Z Idelsohn notes, 1923 G. Shrem
Fule Yanani
G. Shrem
Moshe Dwek
אל ההודאות
2007 אהלל לאל ושיר אחדש Maqam Hoseni Referring to the rebuilding of a synagogue in Aleppo which was destroyed by an earthquake; the many people mentioned in this pizmon are those who contributed to the rebuilding and restoration of the synagogue; including: Elijah, Rephael Ben Ezra, Jacob Kohen, Abraham, Samuel, Solomon and Isaiah.