May 28, 2024 ~ Sh BEHUQOTAI. Maqam NAHWAND.

Aharon Eliahou


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Hijaz 612 510 אליכם קהל עדה The theme of this poem (HIJAZ, page 510) is the deaths of Nadab and Abihu, sons of Aharon, who died on Inauguration Day of the Mishkan. The author is H Aharon Eliahou seen by the acrostic is “Aharon Hazaq” (אהרן חזק). There are seven stanzas in the original poem, all ending with the words “Benei Aharon,” with an extra stanza added by H Ezra Hamway (1859-1945), Chief Judge (Ab Beit Din) of Aleppo. The loss of Nadab and Abihu is viewed as a tragedy and this emotional poem is meant to cause us to cry and repent. The Zohar says (Vayiqra; OH, 621), that whoever grieves over these deaths, his sins will be forgiven, and he will not lose a child in his lifetime. In Aleppo custom, this poem appears in "Siddur Beit Kaporet” with instructions of singing this on Yom Kippur morning before the Torah reading. In addition, this melody is applied to "Semehim" on Kippur morning. Although “Ahare Mot” is referred to in this poem, one must refrain from using this melody on Shabbat Ahare Mot. Handwritten Manuscript G. Shrem
Recording- Semehim
G Shrem- including Semehim
Moshe Dwek - Semehim
Moshe Dwek - Semehim