Oj - اوج


Maqam Awj or Oj- אוג'- This is within the Sigah family. In Persian, it literally means "high sound". It is associated with the Purim festival. Musically, it is the scale of Maqam Iraq (Sigah on B half flat-Iraq, Sigah on Sigah). Sayir: sung from top to bottom. This section appears as a unique section in the Red Book as well as most other pizmonim books and manuscripts.

Index of Pizmonim

Pizmon Page Song CommentaryRecordings Application
513 430 אני בחסדך גדלתי Raphael Tabbush Song has the same acrostic as "Anah B'koakh" (which is a name of Hashem).
514 430 אל פקוד עמך Raphael Tabbush This pizmon (OJ, page 430), "Lord, Take Note of Your Nation," is composed based on the Arabic melody called "El Füad Habaq." The Hebrew song is found in the Old "Shir Ushbaha" (page 49), and is most likely written by H Raphael Antebi Tabbush. This melody is popularly applied to Naqdishakh on weeks of Maqam SIGAH. This pizmon is actually a solemn prayer to God from the author, Tabbush; written in first person. The author requests for God to single out and notice His nation, gather them to His house, and to shelter those that are God-fearing. He should have mercy on the poor people, and elevate their paths to be smoother. God should be good to them because they rely on Him and call out to Him. The author continues and petitions God for his own personal welfare. Paraphrasing his words, he says that at all times my heart has high emotions for You (God). God carries my wrongdoings and should have mercy on me and help me. God should watch over me, at all times I pray; and should sustain me forever. M. Nadaf
Moshe Diib Laniado
Y. Bozo
Amos Dodi
R Barzani- Qaddish
R Barzani- Keter
R Barzani- Naqdishakh
Arabic: El Fuad Habaq
Eliahou Ozen- Nishmat
I Cabasso - Naqdishakh
Maury Blanco