April 20, 2018 ~ Sh TAZRIA-TAHOR. Maqam SABA.

Shabbat Ahare Mot


וידם אהרן - In what was to be a very happy day, the inauguration of the Tabernacle turns into a catastrophe as Nadab and Abihu err in the incense offering and get consumed by a Divine fire. The loss of two sons in a single day in what appears to be an accident is enough to make most parents lose their minds and abandon faith, but this is not the case with Aharon, the High Priest. When faced with this great challenge, Aharon is courageous, and in acceptance of God's will, he remains silent (וידם אהרן). Aharon knew that all eyes were on him, and that if he were to lapse and lose self-control, this would create a ripple effect that would cause the entire nation to raise doubts about the religion. According to Rashi (1040-1105), Aharon's composure was praiseworthy and he was rewarded with receiving independent prophecy from God; as the words in Leviticus 10:8 (וידבר ה׳ אל אהרן לאמר) clearly indicate. Beth Torah, May 6, 2017.