September 25, 2017 ~ Shabbat YOM KIPPUR.

Shabbat Bereshit

God's Image

בצלם אלהים ברא אותו - After the creation of many different animals mentioned in Genesis 1, God singles out the human and declares that this species represents the "image of God." By doing so, God provides a template to how we should interact with one another. The late Rabbi Dr Ezra Labaton of Congregation Magen David of West Deal has been instrumental in constantly repeating that every person is created in God's image and is therefore entitled to be treated with a high level of dignity and respect. The implications of this should resonate and be applied to all of our interactions with any other person irrespective of race, ethnicity, or gender. This foundational concept of the Torah should also provide us with the moral incentive to help different groups of people around the world during their times of need and to fight injustices taking place whenever reasonably possible (Beth Torah, 10/29/16).