April 20, 2018 ~ Sh TAZRIA-TAHOR. Maqam SABA.

Shabbat Emor

The Omer

והבאתם את עמר - The period from Pesah to Shabuot, known as 'the Omer,' commemorates the offering of an 'Omer' (measuring 'unit') of the first grains and then the count of seven full weeks to bring a New Flour offering. This is not the only explanation, however, to refer to these days as "the Omer." At the very start of Israel's journey through the desert (Exodus 16), many complain about the lack of food. To feed them and instill discipline, God sends manna from the sky and says that each person may only collect one 'Omer' of manna each day. Many ignore this limit and try to collect more, but God equalizes everyone's portion to always end up at exactly one Omer. Despite only having one Omer to eat, everyone was always satisfied with their respective portion. During the Omer period, we recall the message of this story; that God, our Provider, makes sure that every person has exactly what they need to thrive. Beth Torah, May 13, 2017.