January 22, 2018 ~ Shabbat SHIRAH. Maqam AJAM.

Shabbat Tessave


לכבוד ולתפארת - The prestige of the priests (כהנים) is best reflected by the clothing that they wore. The details of the uniforms, especially that of the High Priest, were specifically designed to show respect and splendor (לכבוד ולתפארת). With great honor, however, comes great responsibility. When the priests wear their uniforms, they are representing God. They are warned that corruption or abuse of power is a desecration of the uniform; an offense punishable by death (ולא ישאו עון ומתו). Both Nadab and Abihu (Aaron's children), as well as Hophni and Pinehas (Eli's children), suffered this fate. From this we see that God does not tolerate hypocrisy; being dressed one way and behaving in another. Those who decide to dress in religious or professional garbs must pay attention to how they present themselves in public and must always behave in respectable ways that are consistent with their uniforms (Beth Torah, 3/11/17).