April 20, 2018 ~ Sh TAZRIA-TAHOR. Maqam SABA.

Shabbat Bemidbar


איש על דגלו באתת לבית אבתם יחנו בני ישראל מנגד סביב לאהל מועד יחנו - A major theme in the Book of Numbers is maintaining peace and unity despite the many differences that existed among the people. When Israel journeyed through the wilderness, the camp was organized by flags (דגלים). Each of these flags represented different groups of people with different backgrounds, values, and ideals. At the center of all four camps, however, was the one unifying factor: the Tabernacle. For all intents and purposes, the nation originated with great divisions. This book, however, comes to illustrate that when it came to their recognition of God, commitment to the Torah, and the sanctity of the Tabernacle, each person put their differences aside and agreed to join hands and work together. This sense of unity has turned a lowly group of former slaves into a very proud nation that continues to exist more than 3,329 years later. Beth Torah Bulletin, May 27, 2017.