November 17, 2017 ~ Shabbat TOLEDOT. Maqam MAHOUR.

Shabbat Vayesse


ויצא יעקב מבאר שבע וילך חרנה - A common adage often used to console someone is "when one door closes, another one opens." When one door closed on Jacob as he was sent into exile (ויצא), he did not despair, but continued to walk (וילך) to the many open doors in front of him. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, Jacob, a poor refugee, left his problems in the past, and made the best of the situation. During his years in exile, he managed to build a life for himself by getting married, having children, and earning great wealth. The same thing happened later when the Children of Israel were in Egypt. It was during this exile that Israel established itself as a great nation. It is important for us to remember that with each setback, there is an opportunity to make many positive changes. No matter how bad a particular situation seems, it is important to be like Jacob and keep "walking" (Beth Torah, 12/10/16).