June 20, 2018 ~ Shabbat HUQAT. Maqam HOSENI.

Shabbat Pinehas


שנים ליום עלה תמיד- A debate took place amongst the sages of the Mishna asking: What single verse encapsulates the most important values of the Torah the most? Many great suggestions were offered (see introduction to Ein Yaaqob), but none were as well received as the verse from Numbers 28:4 presented by Shimon Ben Pazi; "The first lamb you shall prepare in the morning" (את הכבש האחד תעשה בבקר), "and the second lamb you shall prepare in the evening" (ואת הכבש השני תעשה בין הערבים). The fact that most agreed on this particular verse highlights the importance of the concept of consistency in Israel's relationship to the Almighty. The simple routine of worshiping consistently every morning and evening regardless of ones current state of mind is preferable and stands in sharp contrast to those who only approach God during times of trouble or during times of experiencing extreme religious fervor (Beth Torah Bulletin, July 15, 2017).